Business use

Benefits - business use

  1. Enhanced Security: Smart locks provide a higher level of security than traditional locks. They use advanced technologies such as encryption, biometrics and access control to prevent unauthorized access.
  2. Easy Access Control: Smart locks allow business owners to manage access to their premises from a central point. This means they can easily grant or revoke access rights for employees and other authorized persons.
  3. Time saving: Smart locks can save time because employees no longer need keys to access the company premises. This means no more time wasted searching for lost or stolen keys.
  4. Audit trails: Smart locks keep a log of who enters the premises and when. This can be useful for security purposes and can help troubleshoot any issues that arise.
  5. Cost-effective: While smart locks may initially seem more expensive than traditional locks, they can be more cost-effective in the long run. This is because they require less maintenance and need to be replaced less often.

All in all, smart locks offer a number of important advantages for business use. They improve security, simplify access rights management, save time and offer a number of useful features that traditional locks do not have.

  • Access with Phone / Tags / Code / Fingerprint / E-key / Time Lock
  • no more costs for keys
  • Do not replace cylinders
  • Not susceptible to burglary or theft
  • determine time for access or lock
  • easily add & remove new users
  • Set time slot for Different locations
  • All your Locks organized in one system
  • Overview and authorization for many different situations
  • Burglary Prevention

Can I use my smart lock to control my Airbnb or vacation rental?

Keepad offers the best and most advanced smart locks to ensure easy and secure access to your Airbnb/vacation property or other investment property. (With a Gate-Way)

Can I use these smart locks in my hotel/motel?

Yes, Keepad offers a range of locks that improve your hotel's upkeep and eliminate the need for physical cards by offering:

* Timed access codes for guests

* Permanent access codes for staff/administration to keep track of who is in the room and when.

* One-time service/repair access codes

* Recurring/day and time codes for cleaning staff

Is this lock suitable for offices/company/warehouse?

Yes, Keepad offers the best range of locks to ensure efficient, easy and safe entry and exit to work sites with the following features:

* Possibility of transit mode that allows the lock to remain open during certain open hours, for example. Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm and automatically locked outside of these hours.

* Admin can view staff entry/exit log with times in real time.

* Can these smart locks be used in public buildings ie. Sports or activity centers? Yes, our range of smart locks offers a pass-through mode, meaning you can allow access at certain times without giving the public or non-staff any codes, fingerprints or cards.

business platform - Open web system

What do we offer?

We have a separate browser system optimized for your business where you can easily manage all your electronic locks.

In this computer system you can easily add or remove locks.

You can easily grant and withdraw access to customers or staff.

Also simply add new Tags, fingerprint, codes to chosen locks and give them a name.

This way you work efficiently and reliably, without worrying about handing out keys, but you also limit the associated costs.

You can buy tags for much lower costs and you can add or block them at any time.

Name designated areas with a lock in the system, create different groups for buildings and locations, this way you have supervision and authorization over everything via 1 server.

Schedule an appointment - Personal advice & installation

We are always happy to talk to you about any concerns you may have, make a no-obligation appointment with one of our expert advisors. They take the time with you to get a sense of your needs and then can make a recommendation based on what was discussed.

After this you can think about whether this solution suits you.

Of course if you agree, you can schedule an appointment to have installation carried out.

With our own installers we can guarantee that everything that has been agreed will be handled correctly.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for any question.