Frequently asked Questions

What is a default master password and can I change it?

The initial master password is set to 'varied'. It can be changed after the password has been used 1x. If you have a gateway, you can immediately create another code.

If the battery is dead, how do I open the door lock?

There are 2 ways,

First, you can use a Power bank with Android cable to charge the door lock at the USB point to power the door lock. Then you can use your card, password or fingerprint to enter.

Your second manual control is the supplied key (mechanical lock)

How many cards and keys do I get?

* 2-3 manual keys (depending on the model)

* 3 RFID cards (Additional available to purchase)

Do the prices include installation?

No, installation can be booked through our website with products or contact us for an appointment.

How long do batteries last?

Using 4 or 8 batteries, 10~12 months for 8-12 per day use. It can be shorter or longer depending on usage.

Can the lock still work in the event of a power failure?

Yes, the lock works autonomously on batteries, so a power failure will not affect its operation.

If something has an effect on the batteries and the lock does not work, the lock is equipped with an emergency power port with mini USB. Or you can always use the mechanical key.

Are the locks water and weather resistant?

The outer panel of Smart Locks is weather resistant. Our smart locks are rated from -20 degrees Celsius (freezing point) to 60 degrees Celsius. Our range of smart locks are IP55 rated and above. Although the locks are water resistant, we recommend installing them under a shelter/canopy and keeping them away from direct contact with water.

Why is my fingerprint not detected by the sensor even after registering it? Then what can I do?

When enrolling your fingerprint, we recommend enrolling the same finger multiple times at different angles to ensure that you can unlock your door regardless of the angle you place your finger. If your fingerprint is not detected, try cleaning/swiping your finger and fingerprint scanner and try again.

Do the locks have a warranty? & do I get a warranty on my installation with you?

Yes, our locks have a 2-year product warranty.

When we install the locks at your place, you will receive a 1-year installation warranty. (NB)

If you have this installed by an external party, we cannot offer you an installation guarantee.

What happens when the warranty period is over?

We will continue to provide technical support by phone or whatsapp. If on-site maintenance is required, we may charge call-out and repair costs.

What will affect the door lock and its performance?

1. Slamming the door may cause impact and damage to the motherboard in the door lock and such actions are not covered by the warranty. Customers are advised to install a door closer as a preventive measure.

2. Battery leakage in the battery compartment can also affect the motherboard. Remember to inspect your battery compartment every 2 to 3 months.

What are the symptoms of a motherboard failure?

Occasional alarming unknown melody, very fast draining batteries and problems with the locking and unlocking mechanism are some of the common symptoms of a faulty motherboard.

Are smart locks waterproof/weatherproof?

The outer panel of Smart Locks is weather resistant. Our smart locks are rated from -20 degrees Celsius (freezing point) to 60 degrees Celsius. Our range of smart locks are IP55 rated and above. Although the locks are water resistant, we recommend installing them under a shelter/canopy and keeping them away from direct contact with water.

Does Smart Lock notify me when it unlocks?

If a door is unlocked from the inside, the history is recorded, but our smart locks require a Bluetooth connection to a registered smartphone to update the log. Our smart locks can currently only send notifications for the door being opened or closed with the installation and purchase of the wifi hub (available on our website see our products

Can I unlock my smart lock remotely?

To unlock your smart lock from anywhere in the world, you must purchase the Gateway and have a Wi-Fi connection .

Does this work with Alexa, Google or Siri?

Our smart locks (with the addition of our Wi-Fi gateway) can be programmed to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice-activated software.

We are currently working on the addition of Apple's Siri/HomeKit and hope to integrate these capabilities in the future.

Can I use my smart lock to control my Airbnb or vacation rental?

Keepad offers the best and most advanced smart locks to ensure easy and secure access to your Airbnb/vacation property or other investment property. (With a Gate-Way)

Do smart locks have physical key access?

Yes, you can always use your traditional key to open. Each device comes with two or more keys.

Can I use these smart locks in my hotel/motel?

Yes, Keepad offers a range of locks that improve your hotel's upkeep and eliminate the need for physical cards by offering:

* Timed access codes for guests

* Permanent access codes for staff/administration to keep track of who is in the room and when.

* One-time service/repair access codes

* Recurring/day and time codes for cleaning staff

Is this lock suitable for offices, companies and warehouse?

Yes, Keepad offers the best range of locks to ensure efficient, easy and safe entry and exit to work sites with the following features:

* Possibility of transit mode that allows the lock to remain open during certain open hours, for example. Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm and automatically locked outside of these hours.

* Admin can view staff entry/exit log with times in real time.

* Can these smart locks be used in public buildings ie. Sports or activity centers? Yes, our range of smart locks offers a pass-through mode, meaning you can allow access at certain times without giving the public or non-staff any codes, fingerprints or cards.

How many access codes can I store?

Most of our smart locks have the ability to store unlimited access codes/fingerprints and RFID cards, but please refer to each lock for more information.

How secure is the network connection of smart locks?

Our smart locks are equipped with advanced security technology, including:

* Scramble - key code, which means your code entry cannot be traced

* Our smart locks work on a cloud-based server where all registered information is stored in the lock itself

What happens if I lose my phone?

Don't worry, if you lose your phone, you can manage your account from any other compatible mobile device.

You can also easily move your account from one phone to another and also remove your mobile keys if you think your phone has been hacked.

Which phones are compatible with the TT lock APP (user system)

Compatible with all Android phones (Android 4.3 or later) and all iPhone (iOS9 or later).