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Gateway 2.0

Gateway 2.0

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Gateway 2.0 support for Wifi connection to router.

-Wi-Fi & Internet Connector

-Change passwords remotely via gateway.

-Remotely control your lock.

-When a user opens the door, the administrator receives an up-to-date message about this.

-Remotely manage current time registration.

-Remotely see the status of whether your lock is open or closed.

- You will receive a burglary prevention report remotely.

-AES 128-bit encryption prevents your lock or network from being hacked.

In the box:

gateway 2.0



Power input - DC 5V/500mA

Certification - CE

Smart home platforms - google assistant / amazon alexa

Model - G2.0


To make sure Alexa and google home work, search the Alexa or google home ScienerSmart.

If you have found that and added it then there is no problem using these apps.

Distance between the gateway and the smart lock should be within 10m range.

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